HVAC Career Opportunities:

There are various career choices within the HVAC field, all offering great opportunities and generous benefits. Although they encompass the same HVAC knowledge, each one requires very specialized tasks. Here are the three main options to help you decide which area of HVAC will best suit you.


HVAC technicians working in domestic homes must have a combination of working field knowledge and communication skills in order to deal with homeowners. They are responsible for the design, installation, maintenance, and repair of residential-based HVAC&R systems and components. Often they must have an understanding of the mechanical blueprints for smaller homes and can endure the physical labor that involves working in confined spaces, such as attics or basements. Entry level installers may go on to become full service residential technicians as they gain experience.


HVAC specialists can work in commercial construction areas such as institutional businesses and corporate buildings. The systems and machinery are much larger in scale than with residential ones, and they can often find themselves working in buildings that are under construction rather than fully completed. As with residential technicians, commercial specialists are responsible for the installation, maintenance, and repair of the HVAC&R systems. They must have a solid understanding of construction blueprints and be able to work with large scale exhaust fans, boilers, and cooling towers.


Those who choose a career in the industrial aspect of HVAC tech work are more involved in the manufacturing of labor parts and system design plans. They will often work with constructional design departments and make on-site visits to ensure all systems are made adequately. Industrial technicians must have excellent mechanical skills to produce detailed system blueprints and have thorough understanding of technical, contractual, and legal aspects of all installations. They can also be responsible for the sales and distribution of HVAC&R components; meeting with clients and presenting their designs and products in a marketable fashion.